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Call recording

Please Note: Call Recording is only available on the Business plan. Refer to our pricing guide for more information on the different plans available. can automatically record all calls that occur within the application. Recording calls is great for monitoring, training and reviewing call activity between your employees and customers.

You can play call recordings by clicking the "play" button on any call activity within a lead:

Call Recording Within

Enabling Call Recording

To enable call recording, use the Phone Settings popover:

Switch the toggle in 'Call Recording' section to 'On' to turn call recording on. Call recording is not enabled by default, so each user within your organization must enable it for their own account.

Phone Settings popover FAQ article to learn more about Phone Settings.

Download a Call Recording

To download a call recording, right-click the play button and select "Copy Link Address." This will provide you with a link to the hosted call recording file. You can use this to download the recording directly to your computer, listen to it in your browser, or share it with your team easily.