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Which emails are added in

Once you've hooked up your IMAP account to, it will start automatically linking sent & received emails to the appropriate leads & contacts in your organization, even if those emails were sent outside of

Which emails are tracked? attaches any incoming and outgoing emails to a lead where a matching email address is present as part of the contact in also associates replies to emails coming from a different email address. For example, when you email a lead and get a reply from a different email address, the reply will be associated to your lead, so you don't need to forward it to manually. Note this doesn't work if an email was sent to two or more leads with different email addresses, as it wouldn't be possible to assign the reply to the correct lead.

Simply import your leads/contacts and enter your email credentials, and relevant emails will be tracked. If you don't have another way to import all your sales contacts, consider doing an "export" of your sales-related email contacts from Gmail or any other email program.

If you prefer to exclude certain email domains (e.g. your company domains) from, please email support. By default, excludes your main company domain which you used to sign up for

Can you do a historical import of my old emails?

​Your existing emails are automatically imported into once a contact's email address is added. There's no manual historical import needed – just wait a few minutes and your past conversations should appear! Note that if you've just connected a large IMAP account, it may take several hours until historical emails are fully synced.

My teammate sent me a test email, but it didn't show up in Why?

We deliberately filter out intra-organization emails due to privacy reasons. By default, the domain you sign up with is excluded, as well as the addresses for other users in your organization. 

Bob, Karen, and Sue are coworkers at Acme Company.
Bob is a user and uses
Karen is a user and uses
Sue is not a user and uses both and
  Trackable Not Trackable
Email from to   X
Email from to X  
Email from to   X


In this example, even though Sue is not a user, her email domain prevents emails from from being tracked. Emails from Bob to are also not tracked because even though Karen isn't using the @acme domain, she is a user in Bob's organization, and therefore email between them will not be tracked. 

Someone replied to my email but their reply doesn't show up in, why?

This may happen if the contact is replying with a different email address. In this case, you have to manually assign the new email address to the lead. To retroactively assign the email to the lead, make sure you first add their new email address to the lead, and then forward the email to the organization email. See the article on forwarding email to for more information on how email forwarding works.