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Tracking email opens

You have the ability to view and track who has opened emails you’ve sent from

image even tracks opens per recipient. You can see which recipient has opened the email and whether or not they've opened it more than once:

On any email activity, just look for the open letter icon and hover over it to see the last time the email was opened.

To see a high level view of who has opened emails that you’ve sent via, you can use the following search queries:

  • email_opened < 10 minutes ago
  • email_opened < 7 days ago
  • last_email < 5 days ago and last_email_direction=outgoing
  • email_opened < 2 days ago and subject: “email subject”
  • email_opened < 20 hours ago and subject: “email subject” and from: Bobby

Tracking email opens gives you amazing insight as to who is engaging with the content your team is sending. With search, you’ll be able to view an aggregated amount of leads that fit a certain criteria. Using the search queries above, you can create a Smart View that you can reference when you want to see leads that have opened an email within the last day.

Open tracking doesn't seem to be working...

Messages must be sent from to have's open tracking applied. If you send email from outside (e.g. from your email client, or an integration like, its opens will not be tracked by However, that email can still be synced in the app, and it may even have its opens being tracked by the platform you used to send it.

Whenever you send an email through, we inject a transparent pixel (a tiny image) into your message. The address of that image points to our servers and is uniquely identifiable per recipient and per message. When someone opens your message, a request associated with the tracking pixel is sent to our servers and thus, we are able to log that an email open occurred.

This solution works fine as long as the recipient's email client allows external images to be loaded. If that's not the case, your email may be read, but an open event will not be logged. In case of sent email reporting, it means that your actual open rates may potentially be higher than the ones shown.

In some cases auto responders (e.g. Out of Office replies) can trigger messages to be marked as Opened.  We are continuously working to tune our algorithms to catch the various types of auto responses and properly process them.

Please note that email open tracking does not work if a single email has more than 50 recipients in the To, CC, or BCC fields. For emails sent using Microsoft Office365 SMTP servers, open tracking only works if the email has exactly one recipient. These limitations do not apply to Bulk Emails.

Email open rate reporting also has a report, under Reporting -> Sent Email, that allows you to see the open rate (and response rate) of email per template.

Turning off open tracking

Under Settings -> Email Settings -> Email Tracking you can check/uncheck the setting to track emails. This is as organization level setting.