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Can I make phone calls from my web browser?

There are two ways to use our web version and our native Mac/Windows applications. They are exactly the same experience, except the native desktop app is required to make or receive phone calls.

The benefit of using the native desktop app is that you can make calls with one-click through our built in VoIP system and those calls are logged automatically for your team to see.

You can download the native Mac/Windows app here.

Will you ever have in-browser calling?

Yes, we'd like to offer web-based calling eventually, once we're able to ensure that the current browser technologies properly support great audio quality.

But I *really* need to make calls in a web browser

If you're on a Chromebook, you can install the Google Voice Chrome Extension. This will at least enable you to click phone numbers in Chrome and have it start dialing via Google Voice.

Logging calls made from an external phone system

Clicking our "Call" button or a phone number from a web browser will give you a modal window like this:

Clicking "Use another calling app" will allow another application (e.g. Skype Out) on your computer to make the call.

When you use a "tel link" will automatically log that you made a call outside of its system, allowing you to optionally manually enter the call duration. Learn more about manually logging calls.

Finally, you can check out this article about connecting your external/existing VoIP phone system to

Otherwise, contact us to let us know why you can't install the native app.