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Merge duplicate leads

Often times we have duplicate leads within our dataset and need to combine all of the contacts and activities (calls, notes, emails, etc.) into a single lead record. offers this ability from the lead page. Towards the bottom left of the lead page, just under Custom Fields, you can click the Merge Lead button. This indicates that this lead will be the source of the merge.

Once you've selected the source lead, you can search using any criteria to find the destination lead you wish to merge into.

By clicking Merge into this lead the source lead will be deleted and all of its contents will be placed into the destination lead. Note that this will not duplicate email activities.

WARNING: a merge is not reversible. Be careful to make sure both leads you combine are correct.

Other Methods to Detect Duplicates and Merge

It is currently not possible to automatically detect duplicates via the user interface and merge them altogether. One reason for this is that both the criteria for a duplicate (exact company name match, or only phone numbers, or only emails, etc.) and how should duplicates be merged is something that varies by company.

One way to scan your leads for duplicates is to do a query of: sort:display_namewhich will help you identify duplicates more easily. Some other ways to find duplicates in are detailed here.

It is possible to use the API to programmatically detect & merge duplicates. As a starting point, we have a simple script which automatically merges leads based on company name which you can use out-of-the-box or as a starting point for a more advanced merge process.