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Forwarding email to

Create new leads and attach emails to existing leads via email forwarding

The recommended way to sync emails with is to set up your IMAP account in the email settings (see the help article on receiving emails for instructions). This will automatically attach incoming and outgoing emails to existing leads. However, you may want to create new leads from your email client or you may not want to link your IMAP account. For these scenarios, every organization in comes with a secret email address which you can use to create new leads or attach emails to existing leads.

To use this feature, simply forward or BCC an email to your organization's secret email. To find your organization email, click your name in the top right corner, select Settings, then go to Email Settings. In your email settings, you will see the organization email in the Basic Email Receiving section:

When forwarding emails to the secret email address, we recommend you're forwarding the email from one of the email addresses that are linked to your account (i.e. any email account that you've set up in's email settings, or your login email address). That way, can ensure that the email is not coming from a lead. If processing the email fails, you will receive an email explaining why. Otherwise, the email will simply be attached to a matching lead, or, if no existing lead matches, a new lead will be created. If the email is an incoming email, an item is created in your inbox.

Use cases:

Create a new lead in from your email client.

Enter your organization email in the forward or BCC field when emailing with a new lead (for BCC make sure to not use the CC field, otherwise other people will be able to create new leads in

If any of the recipients are listed as a lead contact in, will attach the email as an activity to the existing lead. Otherwise, will create a new lead with all of the involved email addresses listed as contacts and attach the email as an activity. The name of the new lead will be the recipient of the email. Note that if you have your IMAP account linked (see instructions) or send emails through, sent emails will be automatically attached to existing leads.

Automatically create new leads for every incoming email

This set up is only recommended for email addresses with a high volume/proportion of emails from new leads rather than existing ones or non-sales related emails (ideal for separate 'info' or 'sales' email addresses). will create a new lead for every incoming email if it doesn't already exist. For new leads, the name of the new lead will be the sender of the email. For existing leads, emails will be attached as activities the same way as with an IMAP setup. Automatic email forwarding can be set up together with IMAP.

Import externally sent emails or emails from co-workers who are not users

People in your organization who don't have a account can forward emails to the secret address. You can also BCC the secret address on an external bulk email that is sent to your customers. 

If you're forwarding emails from an external email address, you may need to add the email address as an alias to any of your email accounts that are set up in That way, won't create a lead for the external person and will be able to properly determine the email direction.