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Can I add links and other HTML formatting in email sent by

YES! supports formatting options for bold, italic, numbered list, unordered list, inserting a hyperlink, and embedding an image inline. To insert an image inline, the image will first need to be uploaded somewhere online and then you can paste the image URL in. For more technical users, we also give you direct access to the HTML.

There are keyboard shortcuts available as you might expect (e.g., cmd-b to bold, cmd-i for italics, cmd-k to link on Mac; ctrl-b, ctrl-i, and ctrl-k respectively for Windows).

HTML formatting is also available in your email signature and in email templates.

A plaintext variation of the body is also generated automatically. Via our API, you can also explicitly pass body_html, body_text, or both.

Additionally, can display/read/view HTML email (including links) via Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. and will automatically pull in / track those emails for you if your IMAP settings are configured in the Email Settings.