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What happens when I delete a user?

If you're an Admin of your organization, you can head to the Members page in settings to add/remove people from your team.

If you remove a user, we do *not* delete any of that user's activity in - you'll still see their name next to all their activities (calls, emails, notes, etc.) on leads. This also includes User type custom fields. When a user is removed, existing custom field values with that user's name are unaffected. 

However you'll no longer be able to filter based on that person in Reporting.

If you change your mind, you can always add the removed team member back again (just enter the same email address as before) and they'll instantly be added back into the team.

If the account you're removing has a phone number attached and you'd like to continue using that number to receive incoming calls, you can do one of two options before you remove the account:

  1. We can re-assign the phone number from one user to another (email to get the process started)
  2. You can port the number out of and into a new phone carrier. Contract your new carrier for details.