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Voicemail drops

​Our Business plan offers the ability to upload a pre-recorded voicemail message which you can leave someone at the click of a button. Once prompted to leave a message in a voicemail system, click the Leave Voicemail button and the call will hangup and your message will be left in their message box saving you tons of time.

  1. Upload a recording of a standard voicemail message you leave when encountering a voicemail prompt by heading to Settings -> Phone Settings -> Pre-Recorded Voicemail Drop.
  2. When prompted by someone’s voicemail greeting BEEP, click the voicemail icon on the call bar.
  3. The call will hang up, but the recipient will hear your pre-recorded voicemail message; saving you a ton of time to get back to closing more deals.

My voicemails are not being left or are delayed

Some voice mailbox systems try to detect recordings left by machines and have very strict timing requirements in order to work properly. To mitigate this detection ensure your recorded message starts immediately. In Quicktime, open your recording and use the Edit -> Trim capability to remove any silence at the beginning or end of the recording. Save the file using File -> Export To -> Audio Only. And finally, transcode the m4a file to MP3 or WAV using a service such as or from the command line.

Additionally, you may find that you have to press the Leave Voicemail button a bit sooner than the "beep" by predicting when it will occur in order to avoid detection.