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Recommended headsets

For the optimal calling experience, we recommend headsets with the following characteristics:

  1. Wired -- while wireless tends to be more convenient, but wired headsets are more reliable and not as susceptible to external interference.  Always err on the side of reliability when lots of talk-time is at stake.
  2. Over-ear --it’s much easier to hear subtle noises with over-ear and your brain will work less isolating all of the background noise; leaving you a bit more refreshed at the end of a long sales day.
  3. Beware of noise-cancelling *headphones*-- noise-cancellation systems will often cancel out your own voice, creating the strange feeling of being under water/not being able to hear your own voice during normal conversation.
  4. Boom-style microphone -- having a mic which is always located in front of the mouth will provide better background noise isolation compared to microphones which are located on the headset wire (like the iPhone headsets).
  5. Noise-canceling microphones -- almost a must-have.


  • Sennheiser DeskMate USB Single - $195 - Low-end / Wired headset / Plug & play / Basic noise-canceling
  • Jabra Pro  ~ $200 - Wireless / Mid-Tier / Good noise-canceling / Complicated setup. (must turn off Automatic Audio Detection, lower wireless range, and ensure you're using the Wide-Band codec for them to work really well.)
  • Jabra Evolve 80 ~ $320 -  Wired / High-end / Best noise-canceling
Noise-canceling refers to the filtering of unwanted background noise by the microphone to make your calls sound clearer and more professional.

Do not use these headsets:

  • Microsoft LifeChat LX-XXXX – This series of headsets is known to cause distortions both within and outside of the application.