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Data security and privacy

The security and privacy of your data is very important to us, and we have taken significant measures to protect it, through both technical and procedural processes. We will never share your data with any third parties, nor use your data for any purpose. Your data in will only be shared/visible to other team members from your organization. Only a few members of our team could see your data, and we have processes in place where we only look at it if needed to diagnose a specific technical issue.


All connections to (in both web browsers and our Mac/Windows apps) are fully encrypted using bank-grade encryption and authenticated using a strong protocol (TLS 1.2), a strong key exchange (ECDHE_RSA with P-256), and a strong cipher (AES_128_GCM).

Since only works over HTTPS, you can be sure that your data in remains safe and can be accessed securely even from insecure public wifi locations.

Your Email Data

We take extra precautions specifically around your email credentials and email data. For example your email credentials are encrypted using 256 bit AES, with the data and keys stored on separate servers. We also only ever show/attach your emails in if there's already an existing contact with a matching email address, to avoid having non-sales related emails exposed.

  • Anytime you provide your email credentials to a service like, you're opening the ability for that company to have access to the emails in that account.
  • We do scan through all your emails so that we can expose in the application only the relevant emails (that match with your sales leads) - see "Which emails are added in" for details.
  • We take your data security and privacy extremely seriously - our reputation depends on it.
  • No third parties have access to your emails.

If you/your company aren't comfortable with the IMAP sync option, you could simply use our Forward/BCC address and manually forward specific emails to using our secret Forward/BCC address. The downside of this approach is that it's not automatic.


If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.