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User roles and permissions

Roles determine which actions and changes each user can do in will add 4 roles to your organization that you cannot edit or delete: Admin, Super User, User and Restricted User. These cover the most common use cases. 

Assigning roles to users

Anyone with a user role that includes "Manage Users, Billing, & Roles/Permissions" can assign people to different user roles under Settings > Team & Plans.

Creating and editing roles

The "Manage Users, Billing, & Roles/Permissions" ability also allows you to modify existing roles– or create an entirely new ones.

To edit an existing role, click on a role under Settings > Roles & Permissions. From there, you can edit the role name and add or remove permissions. When adding/removing permissions, you can select individual permissions (e.g. "Bulk Edit") or groups of permissions (e.g. "Bulk Actions"). Once you're done, click the green save button in the top right of the page.

To create a new role, click "+ Create a new role" at the bottom of the page. You can also duplicate an existing role and edit the role's name and permissions from there.