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Display support emails in

The beauty of's two-way email sync is that if your help desk software simply sends/receives from your support@ or help@ (or whatever) email account, those emails can automatically show up in

The trick in is to simply setup a virtual user (called "CompanyName Support" or similar) with that support email address, on the Basic plan, and setup their IMAP/SMTP credentials in If this user isn't also used for any other activity in then shoot us an email and we can provide a discount for the fake user.

Here's what it looks like for our own internal emails (customer info redacted):

This "email-based integration" should always work for incoming emails to your support email address.

Requirements to sync outgoing Help Desk emails

For outgoing emails to appear in, your help desk software needs to do one of the following:

  • Allow you to enter a custom SMTP server/account information to send mail from, and you're using Google Apps / Gmail (or another email system that copies mail sent via your SMTP account into your IMAP Sent folder), OR
  • Automatically copies the message into your support email account's IMAP Sent folder.
  • Allow you to "auto-BCC" a special email address, so you can use our secret BCC address.

Help desk solutions with custom email account (SMTP or IMAP) integration

Alternatively, a developer on your team can always integrate using our REST API and in some cases Zapier may also help do what you want.

Use Integration Links to search your help desk

With Integration Links, you can search your help desk for support emails to/from your lead contacts. For example, here's an Integration Link that searches support emails:{{contact.primary_email}}