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Calling in

Making Calls

Calling in is currently available by using the Desktop Application.

The fastest way to place a call in is to simply click the phone icon next to your contact's name to dial the first phone number you have assigned them. If your contact has more than one line, click on the contact's name to expose the numbers:

Click on the phone number you'd like to call and a Call bar with green stripe will appear above the Lead:

Call Notes

During a call, you can add notes by typing in the box that appears at the top of the Lead's activity feed. You can also add notes at a later point by clicking Edit when hovering over a call log.  

Receiving Calls

Your phone number can be found by clicking on the phone icon in the top right corner:

When you receive a call, the green bar will appear to alert you. Click "Answer" to answer the call:

The Active Call bar allows you to mute your microphone, open a dial pad to navigate menu systems, transfer the call to a team member, and hang up. If this phone number is not known in, the option to Create New Lead is also available. If you receive the call while viewing a Lead, another option to assign the call the currently displayed Lead (and an existing or new contact) will be present.

If you choose not to create a new Lead for an unknown incoming number, the call will still exist in your Inbox to be assigned to an existing or new lead at a later time:


When you receive a call in, you have the option to send it directly to Voicemail. All voicemail will appear in your Inbox directly, and you will receive an email notification to make sure you never miss a sale! 
Custom voicemail messages are easy to upload on all of our calling plans.


Away from your desk? Have the application closed? Don't worry, you can set up call forwarding on all of our calling plans so that you don't miss that important call. Calls forwarded to your mobile phone will still be logged and recorded (if enabled). 

Caller ID

Learn how to change your caller ID if you don't want to call from your primary personal phone number.

Call Recording

Please refer to our Call Recording FAQ article to learn more about Call Recording. 

Manual Dialing

Manual dialing is available through the Phone Settings popover.

How much does calling cost?

Calls are charged on a per minute basis according to Twilio's current Voice pricing.  Learn more.

Which countries do you offer local phone numbers for?

Check out our list of available local and national phone numbers.