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Common billing questions

View Your Previous Invoices

Go to Settings -> Billing in and scroll to the bottom of the page.

How monthly billing works

Each month on your billing date we charge for:

  • the upcoming month, based on the users in your account at that time
  • any upgrades/additions you've made to your organization's membership plans during the past month

If you add a new user or upgrade an existing user's plan, then the next month you'll get charged for the new user's (or upgraded plan's) upcoming month and a one-time prorate charge based on the number of days the new user (or upgraded plan) existed in the previous billing month.

If you remove a user mid-billing-month and then add another user of the same plan type, there won't be any additional charges.

However if you remove a user mid-billing-month without making any other upgrades or additions in the same billing period, you won't get any credit back. Adding a user and then removing them a few days later (within the same billing period) will result in a full month's charge for that user.

How to save 10% off your bill

By prepaying for 12 months, you can save 10% off your bill. Just shoot an email to if you'd like to take advantage of this offer.

​How to add custom information to your bill and send your bill to an email address

If you need to add extra information to your monthly invoices (like tax numbers or addresses), you can modify your invoices under Settings -> Billing.

You can also opt to send your future invoices to any email address under Billing Settings.

How to cancel your account

We'd love to chat with you first to see if there's anything we can do to help you stay. However if you would still like to cancel, there's a link/button at the bottom of Settings -> Billing.