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Common billing questions

When you're billed

Charges are generated when:

  • You begin a new billing period (whether it's monthly or annual). We calculate the charge based on the number and type of seats in your account at start of the billing period.
  • You send more than 1,000 outgoing SMS per month. (Details on how SMS charges are calculated here.)
  • You've made any seat additions or upgrades. When a seat is added/upgraded, we prorate the seat cost based on the time left in your billing period. 
    • If you're on the monthly plan– prorated charges are grouped together at the end of each month. They appear on the same invoice issued at the start of each monthly billing period.
    • If you're on the annual plan– prorated charges are grouped together and invoiced at the end of each month during your annual billing period.

No credit is given for users removed during a billing period. However, seats are not connected to a specific user. If you remove a user in the middle of your billing period, you can replace them with someone else with the same plan type. 

Get 10% off your bill

By prepaying for 12 months, you can save 10% on your bill. Switch over to annual billing at any time in the app under Settings > Billing.

View your previous invoices

Go to Settings > Billing in and scroll to the bottom of the page.

​Add custom information to your invoice and send your invoices to an email address

You can add extra information to your monthly invoices (like tax numbers or addresses) under Settings > Billing > Billing Settings. 

You can also have a copy of your future invoices sent to any email address.

How to cancel your account

We'd love to chat with you first to see if there's anything we can do to keep you. If you would still like to cancel, there's a link at the bottom of Billing page.