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Call Transferring

Once on a call, you'll notice the transfer icon. Each user with an eligible plan will be displayed in the drop down next to an online/offline marker indicating if they have their application open and are available to take calls. Simply click on the team member to whom the call should be transferred -- your call will be hung up and they will receive an incoming call displaying the correct caller id and that you're the person transferring the call:

Here's an example of how an incoming call would look which is being transferred to you from a team member: calls transfer from thomas

Transferred calls are easily distinguishable within the activity stream and give meta data about the transfer when hovering over the transfer icon:


If I don't accept a transferred call will it go to my voicemail?


If I don't accept a transferred call within will it forward to my mobile phone if I have call forwarding set up?


How will transferred calls affect reporting numbers for calls?

Each time a call is transferred from one person to another, a new call is created. Each new call has a duration which starts at the point the call was transferred and ends when the call is either hung up or transferred again.

Can I search for transferred calls?

Yes. Here's some examples:


You can also search with nesting syntax.

call(transferred_to:jason and date < "10 days ago")

Can a call be transferred more than once?


How does the green "online" icon work?

Every few seconds the application updates the availability of users within your organization. If you log out of or your computer goes to sleep we will update your status to "offline" so that other team members know that you're not immediately available to accept calls.

Can I transfer a call to someone who is "offline"?

Yes. The call will be forwarded to their mobile phone if call forwarding is set up and/or sent to their voicemail.

What plans offer call transferring?


Can I transfer a call to someone who is not on the Business plan?