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Can I integrate with an existing VoIP phone system / desk phones? has its own phone system built in. When you sign up for a account, we automatically give you (and your coworkers) phone numbers in whatever country & area code you'd like. Or, we can "port in" an existing number you own. You can also continue to use an existing phone number as your Caller ID regardless of the line you're actually dialing out on. 

To make a call from our Windows or Mac apps, simply click a phone number on a lead/contact and you'll hear in your headset that has already dialed the number, and the call is logged automatically. When you get an incoming call, you'll see a screen popup that show you who is calling, and you can answer it with a click. Learn more about our built-in calling.

For the most seamless calling experience,'s calling functionality replaces traditional desk phones and reduces data entry.

If you need to keep using an existing VoIP provider and/or physical desk phones...

To keep your existing VoIP provider, learn more about Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) - which affects incoming calls only.