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Renaming custom field choices

Below we'll walk through an example of how to rename the Tags custom field choice "B" to "C". We start with a custom field called Tags which has options "A" and "B". When we complete the below the Tags custom field will have options "A" and "C" with all previous "B" values renamed to "C".

  1. Add the new choice, "C" to your existing custom field.
    Settings -> Customizations -> Custom Fields -> (field name) -> Edit
  2. Bulk update all existing leads with the old "B" choice to be "C".
    Leads -> Filter by your custom field / value -> Edit -> Update a custom field
  3. Wait for your bulk update to complete.
    You'll receive an email confirming that the update was successful so check your inbox for that notification before proceeding.
  4. Remove the old choice.
    Settings -> Customizations -> Custom Fields -> (field name) -> Edit