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Using while mobile / on-the-go has neither a mobile-optimized website nor iOS/Android apps currently, because we've focused on making inside salespeople as efficient as possible. We do plan on improving the mobile experience at some point hopefully soon, however there are a few great things to keep in mind already:

  • Call forwarding means that you can still receive calls to your cell phone while on-the-go and they will still be automatically logged in the CRM with the duration of the call, and will even be recorded if you have Call Recording enabled.
  • Emails you send & receive from your mobile phone can still be automatically tracked, thanks to our automatic email sync.
  • Our web app has been tested with iPads and, for some limited/light usage, most of our functionality works fine on iOS touch tablets.

We know this doesn't solve all the cases for mobile usage (e.g. you can't make an outgoing call from your phone number from mobile), and we hope to solve those cases at some point.