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Localization (date formats, currency, and phone numbers)'s interface is only available in English, however we do have some localization features to make friendlier for our non-US customers.

Currency doesn't support multiple currencies and their exchange rates just yet. However, you can pick the main currency on the Settings > Customizations page and it will be used in various places across the whole application, making the use of more intuitive.

Date formats

We display dates in in a localized format based on your computer settings. For example, customers in the United States will generally see mm/dd/yyyy for dates and customers in the UK will generally see dd/mm/yyyy for dates.

If you're not seeing the expected date format, check your operating system (OS X or Windows) and web browser language settings.

For mm/dd/yyy: "English (en)," "English (U.S.)," or "(en-US)" should be your primary language.

For dd/mm/yyy: Another language should be the primary language, such as "English (U.K.)" or "(en-GB)."

See what your computer's language is set as

Instructions for changing language on Mac OS X

Phone Number Localization

When you create a account, we create a phone number localization based on the IP address you signed up with. In, whenever you enter or import a phone number without a '+' and country code, we assume that it's a phone number from your localized country.

Phone number localizations are attached to memberships, not organizations, so one organization can have members with different phone localizations.

This localization setting cannot be changed in the application, so if you're interested in changing it, get in touch with us.