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Using Mailgun for bulk email

For context about why you might want to use Mailgun, see our Bulk Email FAQ.


  1. Signup for for a Mailgun account. If you send more than 10,000/month you'll need to be on a paid plan.
  2. Create a new domain within Mailgun. This will be your email domain. So if your email address if "" the domain you want to add here would be "".
  3. Add "" to the list of email providers allowed to send messages on your domain's behalf.
    This step depends on who provides your DNS service. For many hosting providers like Hostgator or Dreamhost please follow these steps: -- just remember the TXT Data field should read `v=spf1 ~all` It may also contain another include statement for your email server.

  5. Find the SMTP account settings for your mailgun account
  6. Head over to's Settings -> Email Settings and then click "Edit SMTP" when you already have an email account set up.
  7. Enter the SMTP settings for your mailgun account from step #4.

Adding Unsubscribe Links

You can add "%unsubscribe_url%" to the bottom of any email templates you'd like to bulk message and Mailgun will rewrite the message to include an unsubscribe link and manage the process of not sending emails to people who have opted-out. More details here: