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What is Inbox?

Inbox is a unified view of all your inbound communication (emails, missed calls, voicemails) and open tasks/reminders for the day.

Smart Views exist for proactive outreach to leads matching specific criteria. Inbox exists as a hub for everything you should react to and be reminded of. It's your hub for notifications and tasks.

Inbox is also a sales-focused view of your email inbox. It's a place for you to manage the portion of your email inbox that relates to your leads, and it nicely keeps in sync with your email account's inbox. You can read and respond to incoming emails without leaving Inbox, or click through to see all the details about the lead that emailed you.

From any item in your Inbox, you can quickly call or email the relevant contact. For missed calls from unknown numbers, you can create a lead in one click.

We want to help you keep your Inbox clean and focused only on tasks relevant for you today. We give you the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly work through your list, and checkboxes to act on items in bulk.

Inbox has 3 parts:

  • Inbox, which shows all of the current items you should handle now
  • Done, which is a view of your completed tasks and recently archived emails, etc.
  • Future, which shows your scheduled tasks or snoozed items



To help your Inbox remain managed, you can snooze any item for later. If you get an email from someone and don't want to act on it for a couple days, you can "snooze" it and it will disappear from your Inbox until the specified day. Similarly, if a task was scheduled for today but you decide to punt it for two weeks, no problem.

Snooze simply changes the date on any item to a date in the future. e.g. snoozing from your Inbox 1 day means it will show up starting the next morning. Then when they do show up, they simply show up with the new date. For items that were actual events in time (e.g. missed calls / incoming emails) that you snooze we do show a little alarm clock icon indicating the original date/time as well, if you hover.

Email Inbox Syncing

Your Inbox will also keep in sync with your email account's inbox. We're syncing the "inbox" status of email threads. For example, if you get an email from a lead and then archive that email in your Gmail, it won't show up in your Inbox (but it will remain on the lead's timeline). Similarly, once you mark an email as "done" in, it will automatically archive from your Gmail inbox and will be marked as read.

Learn more about how syncs the inbox status of your emails and how it affects your email account.

Tasks on Leads

Inbox is your hub for Tasks. In "Inbox" you'll see all your tasks scheduled for today (or still incomplete tasks scheduled for the past). You can see completed tasks in "Done" or tasks scheduled for future dates under "Future".

Tasks have dates, which are the dates in which they will appear in your Inbox. If you set a task without specifying a date, it simply shows up in your Inbox immediately (as if scheduled for today). If you specify a date in the future, it shows up on the Future section of Tasks until the chosen day.

For more details about how to Tasks work with Inbox, see our Tasks FAQ. Here's a helpful snippet from that article:

When using Inbox as designed, all tasks that are important for you today will show up in your Inbox already.

If you have a bunch of Tasks in your Inbox that aren't actionable today, we suggest doing a bulk cleanup either by marking them Done or by Snoozing them to a future date when you'd like to see them again. We don't recommend leaving a significant number of tasks in your Inbox for long periods of time.

If you find yourself frequently looking at Future tasks, it would help to think of a Task's date as a "notification date" (date you want to start seeing it in your Inbox) as opposed to a "due" dates (latest date a task can be completed). If there are tasks in Future that you want to work on today, just select them and click "Move to Inbox", which will change their dates to today and they will show up in Inbox.


From any new missed call, voicemail, or incoming email on the lead page, you simply click Done or Snooze once you've handled it, and it will also be cleared from your Inbox.


Missed Calls, Voicemails, and SMS notifications

Missed call, voicemail, and SMS notifications automatically get cleared as soon as you call or message that contact back at the same phone number. Similarly, if a missed call or SMS comes into a group number, the notification will be cleared for all members of the group number when anyone in the group calls or messages that contact back at the same number.

Encouraging Good Habits

Finally, Inbox is designed to encourage successful behavior. The default sort is "oldest first", to encourage you to respond to leads who have been waiting the longest. Creating simple "follow up" tasks from a lead page is now simpler, encouraging you to harness the power of follow up. When you set a follow up on an email, your reminder will show up here in the Inbox. Email archive status is synced to encourage inbox zero. Keyboard shortcuts, bulk actions, the "done" button, and the ability to snooze items allow you to keep your list tidy. Try to work through and empty your Inbox each day.

If you have a significant number of old items and need help bulk archiving or bulk deleting something, email us.


Common Questions

Can you default Inbox to a specific filtered view (e.g. only tasks)?

No, but we've found that following these two suggestions almost completely eliminate the need for this:

  1. Clear your Inbox of all items that aren't actionable today. If you need help with a bulk one-time cleanup, just email us. If you have a bunch of items irrelevant for today, snooze them or mark them as completed. If your Inbox shows a bunch of old emails, mark them all as Done so that going forward you only see new emails you haven't yet handled.
  2. Use the Back button. If you go from a filtered view of Inbox (e.g. Tasks only) to a lead and then click "Back" (rather than clicking Inbox in the left sidebar) then you'll return to the Tasks filtered view of Inbox.

Why don't I see checkboxes or a Done button in Inbox?

We hide the checkboxes and Done/Snooze buttons from Inbox when you're looking at your coworker's Inbox (or have 'All Users' selected), since we thought it would be a bad idea to allow people to archive each other's email, etc. But if you simply change the user dropdown to be yourself, then you should see the edit controls again.