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Removing duplicate leads

You may accidentally create duplicates leads when creating leads. We are working on improving our duplicate detection functionality, but here are the best ways to deal with duplicate leads today:

Revert bulk import from Lead Importer

If your duplicates came from a Lead Importer, you can revert. Click on your name in the top right > Lead Importer. Choose "Undo" for the appropriate import:

Heads-up: Reverting an import means those leads are gone. Any activity/notes/calls/tasks created on those leads are also removed. Reverting makes sense when you notice that you have created a bunch of duplicates soon after importing. Reverting is not likely to be your best option further down the road. 

The Excel Method

If your leads came from other sources (manually created, our API, some integration), it makes more sense to use Excel/Numbers to tackle this. If you have a CSV file full of duplicate leads that were NOT bulk imported, and thus cannot be reverted, you can email us at with the list and we can remove them for you. 

Don't Delete: Merge!

We have a whole Merge duplicate leads help page that addresses this, but the short version is this: sometimes it makes more sense to merge two duplicate leads than to delete one. Merging is appropriate when you have data in both leads that you want to retain. This can happen when you discover that two of your leads are working for the same company, or when you and your coworker both add the same lead but with different contacts, or in any number of scenarios. When you want to make sure that all relevant lead data is retained, merge the leads rather than delete them. Again, please refer to our Merge duplicate leads page for further information.