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Integration links

What are Integration Links?

Integration Links are a way to integrate other websites and systems with You can use them to quickly jump to other websites and pass them data from your Leads, Contacts and Opportunities by setting up an integration link template on your Customizations Settings page.

For example, you could have a link to search for a Lead's company name in Google, or look up Contact's email in your internal database, or send sales documents to sign based on Opportunity data. If there's a web link for that, you can integrate it with!

Where do the links show up?

Once an integration link is created (either by you, or an integration you enabled), they will automatically show up on the lead page near their relevant object.

There are currently three types of links available:

  • Lead: appears on the bottom left of lead page, near "Merge Lead" button
  • Contact: appears on every contact
  • Opportunity: appears on every opportunity
Each type has different set of fields available for use. Set the type you want in link editing dialog and it will show you available fields.


How do I create an integration link?

You can create an integration link on Customizations Settings page (click on your name/picture in the top-right corner and choose Settings → Customizations). You can create, edit and remove integration links from that page.

In the URL field of the link, you can include data from certain fields from your leads, opportunities and contacts. To include the data, you can use a templating syntax that is very similar to email templates, putting field name in double curly brackets like this: {{lead.display_name}}

All fields available for inclusion are listed in editing dialog and clickable for your convenience.

All the data included into your template is escaped properly, so you never have to worry about validity of your integration links.

After your integration links are created, they automatically appear on the Lead page in appropriate places.


Google search for lead name:{{lead.display_name}}

LinkedIn Search{{lead.display_name}}

Tweet them{{lead.custom.[Twitter Username]}}%20Glad%20we%20could%20connect!

Look up customer in internal dashboard{{lead.custom.[User ID]}}

Search for cases regarding contact in a help desk like{{contact.primary_email}}

Search for files that contain the name of the Lead in Google Drive{{}}

Search for files that contain the name of the Lead in Dropbox


Some Integrations (using our API), take advantage of Integration Links and create them automatically when you enable the integration. For example:

Who can create, edit, and delete integration links?

Only organization admins can add or change integration links.