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Send an SMS

To send an SMS to a contact’s primary number, click the SMS icon to the right of that contact’s name. 
To send an SMS to a contact’s secondary number, click the contact’s name to expose their full contact information. From there, you can click the SMS icon next to the number you’d like to message.

Either way, a place to compose your SMS will pop up in the Activity Feed:

When you’re done, click the Send button to send it immediately. You can also click the Send Later” button to schedule a time to send the message later on:


Receive an SMS

To receive an incoming SMS, the message must be sent to your SMS-enabled number. Your incoming SMS will appear in two places:

1. On a Lead the sender’s phone number is attached to:

2. In your Inbox:


Responding to an incoming SMS

There are two ways to respond to an incoming SMS:
1. In the Lead view
On the received SMS activity, click on the reply button:

You can also click on the SMS button to send a new SMS.
2. Directly from your Inbox
In your Inbox, click on the SMS notification. You’ll see a reply box that will allow you to reply inline from within your Inbox:


How much does SMS cost? Are there any limits?

Learn more about SMS pricing and billing here.

Which countries are supported?

We support sending/receiving from SMS enabled phone numbers in the United States and Canada.