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Send email later allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a later date/time by clicking on the button labeled "Send Later" and selecting the date and time at which you would like your email to be sent.

Why does selecting a time sometimes change the date I selected?

Send later does not allow you to select times that have already passed, so if you have selected today’s date and a time that has already passed, it will bump the day forward to tomorrow.

Why does selecting Today sometimes clear the time I have selected?

As stated in the above case, we do not allow selection of times that have already passed.  If you select Today after already having a time selected, it will clear the time that you have selected.

How do I unschedule an email once it is scheduled?

Emails that are scheduled will show up on the lead page with a “scheduled” label.  There should be a button next to this titled “Unschedule” that will, once clicked, revert your email back to a draft and open it for editing.

How do I know when an email is scheduled to be sent from the lead page?

If you hover your mouse over the “Scheduled” label, a tooltip should appear showing you the date and time that the email will be sent.

Can I schedule emails programmatically via the API?

Yes, you can also schedule emails to be sent later via our API. Full API access is included in your current subscription, whether you’re on the Basic, Pro, or Business plan.

How can I find leads with scheduled emails?

There are two ways that you can find leads with scheduled emails.

The first way is to use the search field.  Searching for "has:schedule_emails" will return a list of all leads that have emails scheduled.

You can also find this through the leads page under "Narrow Your Results" as shown below.