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How does SMS billing work?

Each organization gets 1,000 free outgoing SMS credits per month

SMS is included with any Pro plan or higher, and each organization receives 1,000 free outgoing SMS credits per month.

When your organization runs out of free credits, you can still send SMS, but it will result in additional charges. See the section below for pricing details.

Trial organizations will start with 100 free SMS credits. As soon as your first charge is processed, 1,000 credits are added, and another 1,000 are added with each billing cycle. Free SMS credits do not roll over.

SMS pricing & billing

Once the 1,000 free credits ($10) have been used, the price is $0.01 per outgoing SMS**. Incoming SMS are included free of charge. When your balance drops below $0, we will recharge your account by $10 and you will get an email receipt for each top up charge if you configured a billing email address. Any paid balance rolls over to the next monthly billing period.

By default, your organization has a spending limit of $100 per month (~10K outgoing messages). Any Admin can adjust the organization’s spending limit under Billing Settings.

** $0.01 is the cost of an SMS "unit". An SMS sent via can consist of one or more units. If you're only using characters in the English alphabet, each unit is 140 characters. Otherwise, if you're using foreign characters or emoji, a unit can contain as little as 33 characters.

Adjusting your SMS spending limit

To adjust your team’s monthly SMS spending limit, go your Billing settings and you’ll see a section called “SMS” where you can set up or manage an existing SMS budget:


Why does have SMS spending limits?

The limits prevent fraud and reduce the risk of being exposed to fees you didn’t expect.

To request a spending limit increase above $1,000, please contact support.