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How do I know if an SMS message fails to send?

There are a few reasons why an SMS may fail to send:

  • The recipient’s phone number does not support SMS (Example: landlines).
  • The recipient’s phone number is from an unsupported country (we only support the US/Canada).
  • Your message was identified as spam.
  • Various unknown errors that our carriers cannot detect, therefore cannot detect.

To see if an SMS failed to send, check for an “error” label on the SMS activity on a lead page:’s search can help you find messages that failed to send. Here are some search queries that will find leads with failed SMS messages:

  • Leads with more than 1 failed SMS
    • failed_sms > 1
  • Leads that have a failed SMS
    • has:error_sms_messages
  • Leads that were sent an SMS today that failed
    • sms(created:today direction:outgoing status:error)
  • Leads where the last sent SMS failed:
    • latest_sms_status:error

If you feel that a message is not being sent for another reason, please contact support.

Can I see if a message has been delivered or opened?

No. At this time there’s no reliable way for us to detect if an outgoing SMS has been delivered or opened.

Why was my SMS identified as spam?

Our underlying carriers have systems and algorithms that detect spam content and then block it before an SMS is delivered. Unfortunately, these filters are subject to carrier discretion, vary from carrier to carrier, and can be changed without notice.

If you believe that your SMS was marked as spam by mistake, please contact support and send over the following details. We'll work with our carriers to identify the issue and potentially whitelist your number for improved future deliverability.

  • Your website address
  • Type of content (e.g. download link, appointment reminder, etc.)
  • Some examples of message content
  • Did the receiver opt into SMS messages at some point?
  • What’s the relationship between you/your company and the receiver? (e.g. signed up via a webform, are on a mailing list of some kind, etc.)