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Can I forward SMS?

Right now you cannot forward SMS within the app. However, you can forward them using Zapier.
Here’s an example Zap that forwards new incoming SMS messages to another phone number:

1. For your Trigger”, select from the list of apps and choose the New SMS” trigger from the list.

2. Before you get to the Action” step, create a Filter that only includes New SMS messages to the specific user you are forwarding messages to.

3. For the Action” step, select the SMS by Zapier” app. Zapier has a built-in app that allows you to send an SMS or make a call to phone a number you supply. When prompted, enter the phone number you’d like to forward new SMS messages to.

In the Edit Template” view, select Use a Custom Value” in the From Number” field. Select the value Remote Phone” to have the phone number that sent the SMS appear as the sender when you receive it on your phone. This allows you to reply back to the message right from your phone.

Once you add your Message criteria (see above example), move forward with testing and you should see an SMS message get sent to the phone number you told Zapier to send it to:

6. Once you receive the SMS on your phone, you should be able to reply back to the sender directly!
NOTE: Any replies sent or received by the number you used to forward the SMS message WILL NOT appear in