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The Best Smart Views for High Volume Calling Teams

 If your reps’ primary mode of communication with customers is calling, use these smart views to improve call volume. Your team can increase efficiency by using Smart Views to help them strategically organize which leads to call. All of the search queries below can be changed and customized to fit your needs. Just remember to save each one as a smart view using the star button located next to the search results screen.  If you need help with this, simply email

Never Contacted:

lead_status:Potential calls:0 emails:0

This will show are all leads the have never been called or emailed and have the lead status Potential. If you use a different lead status for new leads, just replace the “Potential” with your own.


This smartview will dynamically remove any leads from the list as you call or email them so multiple reps can share the same smart view without overlapping or duplicating efforts.


Time Zone Control:

(local_time > 9am local_time < 5pm)


Nothing turns off a prospect more than getting a sales call early in the morning or really late at night! When you have to call leads in vastly different time zones and need to make sure you call during prime business hours, use the search above. It will only shows leads where it is currently between 9 AM and 5 PM their time. Just drop the above search syntax, including the “( )”,  into any existing smartview and you can account for timezones. You can edit the search and change the time range to suit your needs.


Power Dialing List:

lead_status:Potential not latest_call_created < “2 days ago” sort:calls opportunities:0 incomplete_tasks:0


This is the ultimate “Smart” list. This is designed to find leads that you haven’t yet reached out to in a meaningful way by only showing leads that haven’t progressed through your sales funnel and those you haven’t called in the past 2 days. At the same time, the smart view sorts the leads by the least amount of calls, ensuring consistent and even distribution of phone calls.


Once you have a meaningful interaction with a lead, eg. if you change the lead status from Potential, create an opportunity, or create a follow-up task for an appointment, it will drop the lead from the list automatically.


This smart view will also dynamically remove any leads from the list as you call them so you don’t need to remember your place in the list.

Opportunity Check-in Smart View:
opportunity_status_type:active last_communication_date > "14 days ago" sort:opportunity_value


This smart view helps you keep track of those active opportunities that you are falling out of touch with. Only those opportunities that you haven’t contacted in more than 14 days will roll into the list, ensuring that you stay in active communication with active opportunities. The list is also sorted by value, ensuring that you are paying special attention to high value opportunities.