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How to Create an Email Campaign or Cadence

You can create a simple email cadence using Smart Views in

Below is an example cadence designed to engage new prospects as they enter the CRM. In this example, we start by emailing prospects that have never been emailed before, and then email them every 3 days unless there is a response or a change in Lead Status.

“Template 1” through “Template 4” below are hypothetical template names to exemplify the cadence process. For each step use the Bulk Email feature to send emails to all the leads within a Smart View.

As new leads enter your funnel, they will automatically show up in the appropriate step and flow through the cadence. All you need to do is check each Smart View every day and follow the steps.

STEP 1: Template 1

lead_status:Potential emails:0

This Smart View will only show leads that have never been emailed and are Potential or Cold. Use bulk email to send emails to all leads or use ‘Limit:100’ to limit the bulk to the first 100 leads.


STEP 2: Template 2

lead_status:Potential last_email_template:"Template 1" received_emails:0 latest_email_date > "3 days ago"

This Smart View filters only leads that have received email Template 1 as the most recent email at least 3 days ago. It eliminates anyone that has replied to an email. These leads are ready to receive Template 2.


STEP 3: Template 3

lead_status:Potential last_email_template:"Template 2" latest_email_date > "3 days ago" received_emails:0

This is simply a repeat of Step 2, but for the next template in the cadence.

STEP 4: Template 4

lead_status:Potential last_email_template:"Template 3" latest_email_date > "3 days ago" received_emails:0

This is the final email sent to prospects who haven’t replied to the first three emails.


Feel free to draft your email cadence Smart Views and don’t hesitate to run them by our team if you need help. Just email us at

If you prefer to automate this email sequence, check out some of our sales email automation integrations.