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Setting Up Quickmail Email Automation

Step 1

Sign up for a Quickmail account or a free 14 day trial to test out the service at

Step 2

Once you’ve created an account, integrate with your new account by pasting in your API key into the Team section of QuickMail.

  • Find your API by clicking on your name in the top right of > Settings > Your API Keys. Copy and paste the API Key you see or generate a new API Key if you don’t have an existing one.
  • Go back to Quickmail. Click on the Team section under Settings, then scroll down to the Native Integration heading towards the bottom of the page. Click the “Enable Integration for the Team” checkbox, and paste the API key from into API box.

Step 3

Now you’re ready to create your first sequence in Quickmail. Go to the Sequences Section in and click the List option. In the upper right, click the Create Sequence button.

Step 4

Name your Sequence, click Create, and then Click Steps from the menu at the top to add your first email. Click Email Variation to add the email. From here you can create as many steps as you’d like in your sequence. You can also add manual steps, like a phone call, to your process.

Step 5

Once you’ve created the amount of emails for your sequence, you can select to have a task triggered in when a prospect goes cold (which is when a prospect doesn’t respond to your sequence and there are no steps left to execute). To do this, click Settings from the menu at the top of your sequence and scroll down until you see this: Check the box next to “Create a task in…” and hit save.

Step 6

After a few minutes, QuickMail will sync with and you will see new custom fields at the bottom of every lead page when you click Add next to Custom Field section. If you don’t see these, make sure to reload your app.

Step 7

From these custom fields, you can choose which sequence you want to start on the lead page and which contacts should be entered into the sequence (1st contact, 2nd contact, all contacts). Should you end the sequence or should the prospect stay cold, you can use the third dropdown to indicate when you’d like the sequence to begin again. Once you fill out the first two drop downs, Quickmail will begin the sequence. After a few minutes, Quickmail will automatically add a note on the lead with the information about which sequence you added and which users, along with a hyperlink to the prospect in Quickmail.

Because of’s two-way sync and Quickmail’s custom SMTP option, every email you send will show on the lead page. Quickmail will automatically remove a prospect from the sequence if they reply. And if you turned on the task feature (indicated in the notes above), if a prospect remains cold, you will receive a task notification in that reminds you to follow up in a manual way, or add the contact into a new sequence.

Quickmail will also track email opens. Note:'s open tracking will not apply to emails, since those messages are sent from's platform and not