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Integrating Your Email Automation Provider Using Zapier: Step 1

We have several email automation providers that have created a native integration with  However, if these options don’t meet your needs, you can connect to another email automation provider using Zapier. We chose for purposes of demonstration.


The Zap will allow you to:

  • Start a sequence or a campaign for every new contact that is entered into a lead in with a certain status.
  • Use Custom Fields for different Campaigns through

What you’ll need:

  • A account and your API key
  • A Zapier account that allows multi-step zaps
  • An email automation provider that integrates with like

Setting Up

Follow these steps to setup your email account and campaigns in

Note: The email account you use to setup should be an email account that you have synced in

Once you have finished setting up your campaigns, find and make note of the Campaign ID for each campaign that you created. You can find these by looking at the last 5 digits of the campaign URL. For example: The campaign ID in this screenshot would be 23998.

Once you have all of your campaign IDs, you’re ready to move on to the next section. 

Setting Up

  1. In, click on your name on the top right, go to Settings > Customizations, and then click on “Add a new Custom Field.”
  2. Make a custom field of type “Choices” and add each of your Campaign IDs from the previous step as a choice on the list.
  3. Add this custom field to a lead and choose the Campaign ID of the campaign that you want to use with that lead.

Now, you’re ready to set up :)

Setting up Your Zap

Log into your account and choose the orange “Make A Zap!” button.

Step One: The New Contact Trigger

  1. Choose as the application for the first step. For the trigger step, choose “New Contact.”
  2. Select the account you want to use, or if this is your first time using, connect a new account by pasting in your API key. Click Save + Continue and Zapier will test this step

Step Two: The Find Lead Action

  1. again, with a trigger of “Find Lead.” and choose your Account, same as in Step 1.
  2. For Company Name (optional), choose the Lead Name option from the drop down list. For Email (optional), choose Emails Email from the drop down list. Then hit the continue button. Test the search on the next page.

Once the test is successful, click “Add a Step.” Just 2 more to go to email automation!

Step Three: Filter by Zapier

  1. Select "Filter By Zapier”  from the apps list
  2. Click the “only continue if…” option

Note: This section will vary based on the criteria you’d like to use to add Lead Contacts to a Woodpecker Campaign. For our Zap, we wanted to move a new contact into a Woodpecker Campaign if the lead status in was Potential. Some other options include:

Step Four: The Woodpecker Zap Step

  1. Choose from the App list and chose “Create/Update Prospect in Campaign.”

  2. Select your Woodpecker account, or connect a new one via your API key. You can find that in Woodpecker by clicking your name > Settings > API Keys. Once your account is connected, set up the Woodpecker Create Prospect template in Zapier. Since we are relying on the custom fields in to choose the campaign, we need to correctly map those fields first.
  4. For the Campaign field, choose “Use a Custom Value.” For the Custom Value for Campaign ID, choose the name of your Custom Field in where you placed the campaign numbers. In this example, we called it “Custom Campaign Woodpecker.” For the Email field, choose “New Contact”, then “Emails Email.”

  5. Once you finish here, choose Continue, and then test this step. Once you get the okay on this last step, you’re ready to test it fully.

Testing The Zap:

Add a new contact to a lead in that meets the criteria you chose in the Filter Step. Make sure to that this lead has the Campaign ID custom field populated.

Make sure your campaign in the email automation provider is active and running. The zap will automatically run every five minutes, but you can also run the zap manually by choosing it from your Zapier dashboard.

Once the zap runs, the contact will be pushed from to, where it will autmatically be sent the first email of your campaign. The email will also appear in your sent folder.

If the Zap runs successfully, you're all set! If you receive an error message, contact, and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

While Woodpecker automatically ends the campaign for the individual should the contact respond to you, you can also set up a second zap to stop emails to an entire lead if you move the lead into a particular status. See here for instructions.