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Push daily Activity Reports to Slack with Zapier

It’s important to keep a pulse on your sales team’s performance. Instead of remembering to check every day, you can just send an Activity Report to Slack at the end of each day.

Using the “Run Activity Report” Action in Zapier, here’s how to send a customized Activity Report to a Slack channel in just a few steps:

1. Use Zapier's "Schedule by Zapier" Trigger to run the report every Monday-Friday:

2. Use Zapier's "Formatter By Zapier" Action to format the dates you'd like the report to use.

  1. Select the "Formatter by Zapier" Action and select the "Date / Time" option.
  2. Using the data generated by the "Schedule by Zapier" Trigger, use the action to format the dates into a format the supports (ex: YYYY-MM-DD, 2017-01-01):

3. Create a new Action, select the app, and choose the "Run Activity Report" Action from the list to generate an Activity Report.

Fill out the following fields based on your preferences to create an Activity Report:

  • Organization ID - Select the desired Organization ID you'd like to use for the report.
  • User ID - If you'd like the report on the activity of a specific user, you can add their User ID here.
  • Query - If you'd like to generate a report for leads on a specific Smart View or search query, you can do so here.
  • Start Date - Use the "Pretty Date" variable from Step 2 to use the date that the Zapier Trigger began.
  • End Date - Using Zapier's Date / Time formatting, you can dynamically set the report to a future date in relation to the report's Start Date. To create a report for an individual day, adding "+24h" to the "Pretty Date" variable from Step 2 will place the "End Date" into the future. That would cause to process all activity up to the exact moment the Zapier zap report was generated.


If you would like to create an Activity Report for the current day, here is what the Zapier Template would look like:

4. Create a new "Send Channel Message" Action using Slack's Zapier app, entering the Activity Report data into the Message Text:

Once you test the Zap, you should see an Activity Report message in the Slack channel of your choice: