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Time zones and local time

Leads are searchable by time zone and local time. We determine each lead’s time zone information by looking at its addresses and contact phone numbers.

Multiple time zones can be associated with a single lead. This happens when:

  • addresses / phone numbers from multiple time zones are connected to a single lead
  • a single address / phone number is associated with multiple time zones
An incomplete address can be connected with multiple time zones if only specifies a country that has multiple time zones. For phone numbers, this can happen if a number’s area code is not connected to small geographic area (e.g. some countries have dedicated mobile “area codes” that apply to all parts of the country).

Displaying local time in

Under “Leads,” click the “…” button at the top right of the leads table. Check the box next to “Local Time” (under the “Leads” section). You’ll now see the local time(s) for each lead displayed in your search results (multiple local times will show up if multiple time zones are connected to the same lead).

Searching and sorting by local time

The local_time keyword can show leads that are in a specific time window:

local_time > 9am local_time < 5pm

When you search for a particular local time range, we find leads that have any associated time zones that fall within the range. Try including some local time searches in a calling-centric Smart View; it can help you focus on leads most likely be available to answer.

You can also add in a sort keyword to order your matching leads from east to west:


Searching by timezone

You can search for leads that are in a specific time zone (e.g. leads located on the East Coast):


When you search for a particular timezone, we find leads where any of their time zones match.

Limiting local time and time zone searches

By default, time zone information is pulled from both addresses and phone number information. If you know that either phone numbers or addresses will be a better timezone predictor, add phone_ or address_ to your timezone/local_time keyword: