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Workflows in

Workflows in are centered around Smart Views, bookmarked searches that pull in leads matching your criteria. The searches you save can be simple or complex. (Learn more about creating searches here.) Smart Views are flexible. You can use them to kick off an email campaign, see who needs a phone call, or just view your assigned leads.

Default Workflow

We have a short workflow set up for you as a starting point. You can customize the Smart Views that make up this workflow any time. Just make your edits in the top search bar, and click the star button next to the search results to save your edits.


lead_status:Potential opportunities:0 not latest_call_created < “2 days ago” sort:calls

All potential leads that haven't had an opportunity added yet, and haven't been called within the past two days. Leads with the fewest calls will appear first.

Calling (business hours)

in:”Calling List” (local_time > 9am local_time < 5pm)

The first Smart View, additionally filtered for leads that have a local time between 9 am and 5pm.

Email 1

lead_status:Potential opportunities:0 not email_template:"Email 1” emails: 0

All potential leads that haven't had an opportunity added yet, that haven't been emailed (including the email template "Email 1").

Email 2

lead_status:Potential opportunities:0 email_template:"Email 1" latest_email_date >="2 days ago" not email_template:"Email 2”

All potential leads that haven't had an opportunity added yet. These lead have been emailed "Email 1," their last email was at least 2 days ago, but haven't been sent the template "Email 2"

Opportunity Followup

has:active_opportunities last_communication_date > "7 days ago”

Leads with active opportunities that have no calls, emails, or messages logged within the past 7 days.