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Using the Power Dialer (Beta)

NOTE: This feature is currently in beta and is subject to bugs and missing features. This feature is only available to users on the Professional or Business plan that are in an Organization that has been given access to the beta.

The Power Dialer automatically dials each lead within a Smart View for you. Once initiated, the Power Dialer will start making calls to each lead in your Smart View and automatically connect you to the call once someone picks up. Once the call ends and you've completed writing notes and updating the Lead, you can resume the Power Dialer right where it left off.

There's no need to go back into the Smart View, the Power Dialer will just take you to next lead that answers the call.

Since the Power Dialer is controlling which Leads are being called, multiple people on your team can be using the Dialer with the same Smart View simultaneously. It will automatically look for new Leads to call if the Smart View gets updated with new leads.

Submitting feedback and reporting bugs

As always, your feedback is critical. To submit feedback or report bugs associated with the Power Dialer, please email A member of the team will respond as soon as possible.

Starting a Power Dialer session

To start a Power Dialer session, you'll need to be in a saved Smart View. Once in the Smart View, you'll see a button at the top right that says "Call":

Once you click "Call", the Power Dialer will begin a session and start dialing the first Lead in the list. It will make calls in the same order the Leads are listed in the Smart View, except for Leads that have been called within the last hour.

As new Leads enter the Smart View, they will automatically be added into the order that your Smart View specifies. For example: If your Smart View contains the query sort:-created, any new leads will be added into the position it would appear in the Smart View's list of Leads.

Managing a Power Dialer session

Once the Dialer starts calling the first Lead, you may hear ringing or background music in your headset. You'll also see the current state of the call, and the Lead that is being called:

Once a call connects, the call note box is available for you to type notes and carry on with a call as you normally would. Once you complete the call, the Power Dialer will see if you're still typing and remain paused until you finish:

Once you're done typing, you can still pause the Power Dialer session by clicking the pause button. You can update the Lead Status, add/edit Opportunities or Tasks, and then resume the Power Dialer by clicking "Call next lead" at the top right.

Resuming an existing Power Dialer session

As you go throughout the day, other tasks will grab your attention. We built the Power Dialer to make pausing and resuming your Power Dialer session as simple as possible.

When you pause a Power Dialer session, the Call Bar will remain on the screen as you navigate through different parts of You can remove the Call Bar any time by clicking the "X" that appears on the left of the "Call next lead" button on the right.

To resume a Power Dialer session, navigate to the Smart View and click on the Call button. That will resume the existing Power Dialer session by default. You can also click the down arrow next to the Call button and select "Continue" or "Start over":

Selecting "Start over" will start calling the list of Leads in the Smart View in order as they appear from the top.

How the Power Dialer calls through Leads in the Smart View

Currently, the Power Dialer will only dial the first phone number listed on a Lead.

In the future, we may have options for attempting to auto-dial multiple contacts or multiple phones per contact. If you see the Power Dialer is calling the wrong number for a particular lead, you should be able to hang up. That will cause the Power Dialer to pause. Then you can manually click on the correct phone number, and then resume the Power Dialer when you're ready to move to the next Lead.

Updating Leads in a Smart View during a Power Dialer session

The Power Dialer checks the Smart View every few minutes as Leads enter or leave based on its query. Leads get slotted in at the desired/appropriate spot based on your Smart View's sort parameter.

For example, if you have "sort:-created" (newer Leads appearing first) as part of the search query on your Smart View, the newest Lead will automatically be one of the next Leads that gets called.

Smart View suggestions for the Power Dialer

For the Power Dialer, think of a Smart View as a "call list". You want to create Smart Views, or call lists, that make it easy for your team to call the right Leads.

Here are some suggestions:
  • Leads with the Lead Status "Potential", that have no opportunities:
    • lead_status:"Potential" opportunities:0
  • Leads that have the "Leadgen Team" value on the "Lead Source" Custom Field, have not been called in the last 5 days, have no opportunities, and are not Lead Status "Bad Fit" or "Customer":
    • custom."Lead Source":"Leadgen Team" latest_call_created > "5 days ago" opportunities:0 lead_status not in ("Bad Fit", "Customer")
  • Leads that have a lost opportunity that were created between 6 and 12 months ago, that have not been called in the last 5 days:
    • opportunity(created > "6 months ago" created < "12 months ago" status_type:Lost) latest_call_created > "5 days ago"

Leaving voicemails

​​The Power Dialer is currently set to automatically move to the next lead after 20 seconds of ringing without someone (or an answering machine) picking up. This means that if an answering machine doesn't pick up before then, you won't have an opportunity to leave a voicemail.

We plan to make the amount of seconds the Power Dialer waits for an answer customizable in the near future.

Current known issues and limitations

  • The Power Dialer is set to call each Lead for 20 seconds before moving on to the next one. This is optimized for hearing less voicemail messages and calling more Leads. You will be able to adjust the time in the near future.
  • Editing a Lead while waiting for a call to be answered will not automatically pause the Power Dialer.
  • Calls can only be made using phone numbers issued by
  • Calls can only be made from and to US-based phone numbers.
  • Calling from physically outside of the USA will have worse call quality / more latency.