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Search query examples

If you're already familiar with the basics of search and are ready to build some Smart Views, check out these example searches for ideas. (If you are putting together a calling workflow, we also have some specific Smart View suggestions.)

A lot of these searches use operators ("or" and "not") and nested object grouping (searches using parentheses).


  • Leads without phone numbers
  • Leads that have phone numbers
  • Leads that were first called this week
    first_call_date < "7 days ago”
  • Leads that were called within the last hour
    latest_call_created < "1 hour ago”
  • Leads that do / do not have missed calls
  • Leads with voicemails
    call(voicemail_duration > 0)
  • Leads with a missed call where no voicemail was left
    call(duration:0 voicemail_duration:0)) 
  • Leads with transferred calls (Variations shown for transfers to / from a specific user, and transfers on a specific date)
    call(transferred_to:"User Name")
    call(transferred_from:"User Name")
    call(transferred_from:"User Name" date:"today")


  • Leads without email addresses
  • Leads that have email addresses
  • Contents of latest email
    last_email_body:"Contents Here”
  • Leads that did not respond to email template "X"
    email(template:"X" not has:reply )
  • Leads that I sent template "X" to over a week ago but have not replied
    email(direction:sent template:"X" user:me sent > "1 week ago" not has:reply )
  • Leads that have one of my email drafts
    email(user:me status:draft)
  • Leads where the latest email failed to send

Tasks and opportunities

  • Search for a users’ incomplete tasks or active opportunities
    Note: This search works even if the user's membership has been removed.
    task(is_complete:no assigned:"Gob Bluth")
    opportunity(user:"Gob Bluth" status_type:active)

Lead and opportunity statuses

  • Leads I moved from status Potential to status Customer
    lead_status_change(user:me old:"Potential" new:"Customer")
  • Leads with opportunities I moved from status "Potential" to status "Customer" today
    opportunity_status_change(old:"Potential" new:"Customer" date:today)
  • Leads that were in a specific status during a specific time
    lead_status(status:"Potential" on: 2017-03-10)
    lead_status(status:"Customer" from: 2017-03-01 to: 2017-03-31)
  • Leads with an opportunity that was in a specific status during a specific time
    opportunity_status(status:"Active" on:2014-03-09)