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Using Zapier for Teams to Share and Manage Your Zaps

Many of our customers use our integration with Zapier to automate parts of their workflow in However, as teams grow in size, and different users have different Zapier accounts and different Zaps running, it can be difficult to manage all of the Zapier automations powering your workflow in Zapier. 

You can now use Zapier for Teams as a way to manage all of your + Zapier automations in one place. Key features for and Zapier for Teams are the ability to:
  • View, edit, and create a copy of Zaps within shared folders
  • Create templates of Zaps that teammates can copy to use for themselves
  • View the Task History for any Zaps that are shared on your team account

How to Invite Members to Your Zapier Team

To invite members to your Zapier Team:
  1. In Zapier, click on your name on the top right and then click on "Settings."
  2. Click on "Team" on the left sidebar.
  3. Enter any email address you want to add to your team.

An Example Zap for Teams: Calendly Appointment to Task

One of the most useful Zaps we utilize internally is a Zap that takes our Calendly appointments and turns them into tasks on a lead page. This Zap is done in 3 steps:    

Step #1: Trigger on Calendly Invitee Created


Step #2: Use Find Lead in to Find the Lead that Matches the Calendly Invite

  1. Select > Find Lead from the Action/Search list
  2. Place the "Invitee Email" field from Step #1 into the Email field in Find Lead

Note: You can also optionally select "Create Lead if it doesn't exist yet?" to create a lead if one is not found for this email address.

Step #3: Create Task in

  1. Select > Create Task from the Action/Search list
  2. In the "Assigned To" field select your name from the dropdown
  3. In the "Lead" field select "Use a Custom Value" from the dropdown, and then put in the "ID" field from Step #2
  4. In the "Due Date" field, put in "Event Start Time" from Step #1 
  5. The "Text" field is where you can put the description of the Calendly Invite
  6. In the "Is Complete" field, select "No" from the dropdown

When you're all said and done, the task will look like this: 

How to Share Zaps with Other Members of Your Team

To share Zaps with other members of your team, place the Zaps you want to share into a shared folder:

How To Copy Team Zaps

Since the Zap above was created for only one person on our team, we can now copy the Zap to create it for other team members as well.  To copy a team zap, you can go to your shared folder, click the dropdown arrow to the right of a Zap and select "Copy" 

Once you've copied the Zap, you can go into the Zap copy and select the accounts you would like to use for each step of the Zap. For the purposes of the Zap we created above, you would also change the name selected in the "Assigned To" field of Step #3 to your name. 

How to Let Other Team Members Edit Zaps You Create

One of the most important features of Zapier for Teams for is the ability to let other members of your team edit existing Zaps, in order to improve and update your workflow. In order to allow this, you must first share your account. To do this: 
  1. Navigate to Connected Accounts in Zapier
  2. Find the account you want to share, and click "Share"