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Essential pipeline Smart Views

Three core Smart View types form the backbone of your pipeline: Contact, Qualify, and Close. The search syntax you use for each Smart View depends on your individual sales process.

You might end up with a couple versions of each Smart View, but using the Contact–Qualify–Close framework can help you create the most effective Smart Views to get started.


This is a Smart View of leads that have not been contacted yet. What’s the first meaningful step in communicating with your leads?


  • Sending an email.
    not has:sent_emails
  • Receiving an email.
    not has:received_emails
  • Making a call.
    not has:calls
    • Start calling all of these leads with one click using our Power Dialer.
  • Being on a call longer than 1 minute.
    not duration > 60


Show all of your leads that have been contacted, but haven’t been qualified. When and how do you decide if a lead is qualified? How do you record that a lead has been qualified in the app?


  • Creating a opportunity on a lead.
    lead_status:Potential not has:opportunities
  • Being on call longer than 5 minutes and the lead was not moved to status "Bad Fit".
    duration > "5 minutes" not lead_status:"Bad Fit"


Keep any opportunities from falling through the cracks. What leads do you need to stay on top of?

Closing Smart Views can be broad, or narrow and specific.  Eventually, you might have a group of Closing Smart Views for different urgency levels (e.g. one showing leads with active opportunities past their close date across the entire team— and one only showing leads assigned to you with active opportunities). Try out some variations and see what works best for you.


  • Leads with active opportunities.
  • Leads assigned to me with active opportunities.
    "custom.Assigned to": me has:active_opportunities
  • Leads with active opportunities that were already supposed to close.
    opportunity( status_type:active close <= now )
  • Leads with active opportunities closing this week (or should have closed earlier.)
    opportunity( status_type:active close <= "this week" )


  • Want to make your Smart Views foolproof? Use <= comparisons in your date searches. Any past due opportunities will automatically be shown in your Smart View.
  • You can also keep track of aging opportunities on the opportunities page. On the top drop downs, select "All active statuses" and "Sort by: Close date".