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Outbound email setup uses your email's SMTP settings to send any outgoing emails. Setting up outbound email allows you to send emails from within, but you can still track other emails you send with another email client. These emails are tracked and logged into any lead where a matching email address is present as part of the contact.

Outbound Email in is great for sending emails to your prospects quickly without changing applications. To save even more time, we recommend setting up Email Templates for common responses to emails.

If you're looking for creating new leads by sending an email from your email client, check out the article about forwarding email to

Setting up Outbound Email in

Head to Settings -> "Email Settings".

Fill out the corresponding fields that are associated with your email account. If you are not sure what your SMTP settings or credentials are, please contact your system administrator.

Please Note: currently does not support Microsoft ActiveSync.

See also: 2-way email in and Inbound (IMAP) Email Setup