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Inbound email setup uses IMAP to retrieve incoming emails and attach them to leads, as long as the email address matches any contact in a lead. also associates replies coming from different email addresses to the matching lead. For more details, see Which emails are added in

Inbound Email in is great for monitoring the overall history of a lead and correspondence with their contacts over time. Each time you receive an inbound email, you will receive a notification within

If you want to create new leads (as opposed to attach emails to existing leads) from incoming emails, check out the article about forwarding email to

Setting up Inbound Email in

Head to Settings -> "Email Settings".

Fill out the corresponding fields that are associated with your email account. If you are not sure what your IMAP settings or credentials are, please contact your email account administrator.

Please Note: currently does not support Microsoft ActiveSync. uses IMAP to sync your incoming email. If your email provider is using only Microsoft ActiveSync and not IMAP, please enable them. (IMAP and ActiveSync can run concurrently, so you won't have to choose!)

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