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Headset and microphone setup

For the best performance, use an external headset and microphone when making calls. Our recommended headsets can be found here.

Audio settings are configured from within the application by using the Phone Settings popover.

Please Note: Headsets being used for the first time may need device drivers to be installed before they will appear in

On some Windows computers, you may have to verify and adjust the volume from within your system settings.

Why wasn't able to get access to my microphone?

 Common reasons for this include:

  • Another application or browser tab is using your microphone already. Check for other browser tabs (Google Hangout, Skype Web,, etc)
  • Your anti-virus software is protecting an audio stream coming from sound recording devices. If you are a Kaspersky customer, please, read this link and check if your problem can be fixed
  • Your microphone is disconnected and your computer has no built-in microphone
  • You are using Windows 10 and your internal microphone is not working after the upgrade. Check if this link is a possible solution for you