support center

Reporting call issues or quality

Our goal is to ensure every call you make through is perfect. If it's not, please report it to us using our built-in call feedback and diagnostic system.

After you've hung up a call which didn't meet your expectations, hover over the call activity and click on the flag icon.

Report call quality after a call is done

Tell us what went wrong during the call by selecting all the pre-defined issues that match your case. Then, use the comment section to describe your experience in more detail and provide any additional context.

We review each and every call report and in most cases will respond directly to you within several hours with tips, issue summaries, or other recommendations to ensure your calling experience is amazing.

VoIP call quality depends primarily on your Internet connection, local network setup, and headset. If you have questions about how to best optimize your network email and let us know how your network is structured including make/model information for all networking devices.