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Search overview

Search can quickly find a contact, identify which leads need attention, build lists for your sales team, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Search queries

Search queries identify leads that match certain criteria. You can create search queries to find leads that have been called twice, that are located in specific city, or that were created on a certain date. Queries can be combined to create more powerful searches.

Building search queries

There are two ways to build search queries. You can type directly into the top search bar or use the 'Narrow your results' sidebar to add queries into the top search bar. Let's start off with the sidebar. It's the easiest way to add in search queries and is a great way to browse some different search keywords.

Using 'Narrow your results'

Expand any keyword category, and use the drop down to choose the search query you need. You can also add one query after another to build more advanced searches.


Simple example

Let's find all the leads that were never contacted (i.e. never called or emailed):

  1. Click the Email Activity drop down.
  2. Next to Number of, click Add.
  3. Select None from the drop down.
  4. Now, click on Call Activity.
  5. Next to Number of, click Add
  6. Select None from the drop down.
  7. The side bar has been adding in each filter to the top search box. You should see emails:0 calls:0

Complex example

You want to follow up on with leads who opened an email you sent 7 days ago but never responded. 

  1. Click on the Email Activity drop down.
  2. Next to Latest Email, click Add.
  3. Select Direction: Sent from the drop down (the most recent email connected to a lead was outgoing).
  4. Now, next to Latest Email Opened, click Add.
  5. Select Yes from the drop down (the lead has opened the latest email you sent).
  6. Go back to Latest Email and select Date Before.
  7. A box named Date:Before will appear. Enter "7 days ago"  (Note: you can also put an exact date here. Delve into date searches here.)
  8. The side bar has been adding in each filter to the top search box. You should see last_email_direction:Sent latest_email_opened:yes latest_email > "7 days ago"

Finding this search helpful? You can it as Smart View for easy access (see below).

Advanced search

When you're ready for more, check out our in depth articles on search syntax here and here

Stumped? Reach out to and we'll help you out.

Smart Views

Smart Views are saved searches. comes pre-loaded with some suggested Smart Views such as "Recently Called," "Has Notifications," and "Never Called," but don't stop there. Play around with search and create some Smart Views of your own. They are the key to building lead lists, keeping a high-level view of opportunities on the move, and just about anything else you can think of. 

Learn more about Smart Views including how to create your own. Also check out our guide on using a Smart View to create a calling workflow