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Reporting features a powerful set of metrics based around your team's activities. Never again will you have to guess how many calls were made, emails sent, prospects contacted, or revenue generated. You can view these metrics for each individual in your organization, or all users.

By giving you exact data, Reporting in helps you set realistic goals for your team.

To get started, take a look at our video guide, or continue reading below.


With activity reporting, you can track the following metrics for any desired date ranges and break them down by each user (change users/timeframes and export any activity report with the top drop downs):


  • Created: The number of new leads created from all sources.
  • Contacted: The number of leads you communicated with. This includes all the leads with whom you spoke on a call (both inbound and outbound calls with non-zero duration) and to whom you sent an email.


  • Created: The number of opportunities created along with their potential revenue (broken down by one-time, monthly, and annual opportunities).
  • Won: The number of opportunities won and their revenue generated broken down by one-time, monthly, and annual revenue). Good Job!
  • Lost: The number of opportunities lost and the one-time, monthly, and annual deals attached to them.


  • Total*: The total number of calls made.
  • Total Duration*: The total duration of all calls made.
  • Average Duration*: The average duration of an individual call. This only includes the calls that were answered (i.e. the ones with non-zero duration).


  • Emails Sent: The total number of emails sent, including emails sent from other email clients.
  • Emails Received: The total number of emails received.

*Only available for accounts with calling features (Pro and Business plans).

Status Changes

The Status Changes report will help you track the number of leads and opportunities at each specific stage in the funnel. You can examine the numbers broken down by each lead and opportunity status. Click on any lead/opportunity number to see the related search results.

Sent Email Report

Here you can see the breakdown of the number of emails you've sent and the number/percentage of opens and responses. The report separates the metrics out for total emails and for any email templates you've used.