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Exporting data

We believe that you shouldn't be held captive by your own data. That's why we've made it extremely easy to export all or just part of your data in

Anytime you are looking at leads in Search, you can see an "Export" button. Clicking it will let you choose a type and a format of the exported data. You can first narrow down your search results by using a search query, and then export the matching leads, opportunities, or contacts as a CSV or a JSON file.

Please note that the Leads CSV export does not include Tasks, or Activities, and the Contact data is limited (choose a Contact CSV to export all your Contacts - one record per row). However it does include the lead name, primary contacts and their contact information, custom fields, etc. The reason is that CSV files are "flat" and cannot really contain the nested data required to include all of this extra information for each lead.

However, the JSON export format does include everything (Opportunities, Tasks, Activities etc.).

Opportunities Export

The action of exporting Opportunities from the Leads Search page can be described as such: "Give me opportunities which belong to leads matching given search criteria". However, if you want to export Opportunities based on more granular filters that match the Opportunities themselves (and not the Leads they belong to), use the "Export" button from the Opportunities page.

Large Exports

If you try to export more than 2 GB of data, uses a compression algorithm called Gzip. It is natively supported on Mac, but Windows users will have to install additional software to decompress the exported file. One of the useful tools is 7-zip.