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How to Create an Email Campaign or Cadence

You can create a simple email cadence using Smart Views in Below is an example cadence designed to engage new prospects as they enter the CRM. In this example, we start by emailing prospects th...

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Set up outbound email without inbound email tracking

For some users, it's important to not have any inbound emails show up in They want to protect themselves from having a colleague add an email address in that they've had previous sensitive em...

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Managing unsubscribe requests

There are a couple different ways to handle unsubscribe requests. Which method is best for you depends on your email set up and the volume of unsubscribe requests you receive. Adding an unsubscribe link in y...

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Managing autoresponder replies

How detects autoresponders will check an incoming email’s subject line and headers to determine if it’s an autoresponder. We’ll scan for variations of “auto(matic) reply/response” and "out ...

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