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Search, Fields, and Statuses

Lead assignment

Many legacy CRMs and sales tools maintain a strict relationship between a Lead/Contact/Account and the responsible sales person. takes a more dynamic approach to this problem allowing you to decide be...

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Lead Status mistakes to avoid

Lead and Opportunity statuses are customizable to your sales process so you can track a lead’s progress through your sales funnel. However, we often see customers creating statuses to organize information that ...

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The Best Smart Views for High Volume Calling Teams

If your reps’ primary mode of communication with customers is calling, use these smart views to improve call volume. Your team can increase efficiency by using Smart Views to help them strategically organize wh...

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The Best Ways to Use and Customize Opportunities

An opportunity in is defined as the deal that you are working on for a given lead. A rep creates an opportunity for a lead once they have qualified the lead. For more on how to qualify a lead, take a l...

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How do I reduce the number of smartviews I have?

Do you have too many Smart Views? Are you creating custom Smart Views for each sales rep on your team? If most of these Smart Views shared a significant part of the same query and you're having to copy and past...

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Time zones and local time

Leads are searchable by time zone and local time. We determine each lead’s time zone information by looking at its addresses and contact phone numbers. Multiple time zones can be associated with a single lead....

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