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Networking for VoIP

Multi-WAN network issues

Many routers support multi-wan capability to increase available bandwidth or add redundancy. Depending on the type of connection load-balancing performed, you may experience unexpected results such as disconnec...

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Recommended networking equipment

Routers Home & Small Office (< 25 employees simultaneously) Asus RT66 -- if using this device follow the QoS tutorial to ensure VoIP calls are prioritized on your network. Medium Office Ubiqu...

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Capture Logs

Mac In the menu bar on top of the screen, click "", then "Developer", then click the log you want to capture. To capture the SIP log for example, you would click "Show SIP Log." Console will open...

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Analyze live calls for jitter and loss

If you are still experiencing choppiness or breaking up in your calls after setting up QoS on your router we sample live calls on the network to determine if there is an acceptable level of jitter/loss. Gene...

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Setting up QoS on an Asus router

Make sure no one on your network is doing substantial uploads or downloads. The best time time to set up QoS is before anyone is at work or after everyone's left the office. Go to and ...

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